Those Lil Things!

I'm sure you'll enjoy reading my blogs as much as I cherish
writing them.
Lil Things Make A Difference!

Those Lil Things!

I'm sure you'll enjoy reading my blogs as much as I cherish
writing them.
Lil Things Make A Difference!

My Story

Get to know me!

Hi, I'm Zarna. Welcome to my personal blog.

I'm a professional Project Manager and a masters of e-Commerce turned into an International Speaker and a Blogger.
In my years of professional experience, I have substantial exposure to Global Business Environment, eCommerce, Business Networking, Client Engagement & Consultation Projects. 

I strongly believe in giving back to the society and in my efforts to do that, I am associated with Entrepreneurs Café in the capacity of the City Mayor for Mumbai chapter. The vision is to empower individuals to embark on a journey of entrepreneurialism. Thousands of entrepreneurs attend our meetings globally. Entrepreneur Cafe is now in over 100 global cities in 6 continents with over 30,000 active members.

As a sought-after strategist, I've worked in the arena of personal development and I was trained by Blair Singer, Mac Attram, Timothy Hyunh to name a few. My transformation journey started with the ‘Millionaire Mind Intensive’ seminar that I had attended. I was doing really well into the corporate world but always felt that something was missing and what was that I discovered thereafter.  I discovered my mission, “To educate and inspire individuals to lead a life of their life dreams with  a Purpose and a Mission.” Since, then I’m living my mission and ‘Those Lil Things’ is a product of my mission.

I love to create magic moments and co-create reality through my words. I strongly believe and passionately practice ‘Gratitude is the Attitude’ and imbibe every facet of ‘Law of Attraction’ in my personal, professional and entrepreneurial life. I am a Strong Believer and Practitioner of Law of Attraction.

I love writing about ‘Those Lil Things’ that make us happy and give us more reasons to be grateful, Effective Money management, Project Management tips, improving one's social skills, Being Awesome!

Health & Wealth,

Zarna Shah


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My mission is to inspire and educate individuals to lead their life of dreams with purpose and vision!

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Those Lil Things!

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